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Free ICT Training for ICGC Porters Temple Women and Girls in Koforidua

Some participants at the training
When it comes to ICT, Women and Girls are noted for being at the bottom. The aim of the training is to equip the group on some of the most important use of ICT tool and dangers,



The group, as a result of this workshop, had first hand opportunity to interact and learn about ICT as a tool for development. The workshop was under the theme “What Women need to know about ICTs”. Some of the topics treated were: introduction to ICT and ICT tools; ICT Safety and Security tips women ought to know; and benefits of ICTs to women.

At the end of the workshop, they became educated with much knowledge on the implications of improper use of ICT devices/tools as well as how to stay safe online. The training focused on women's ability to use ICT to improve themselves in the home, businesses, health and any aspect of their lives.