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ICT for Development

We promote ICT as a tool for personal and national development. We build capacities and use best practices to bring change to grassroot and urban dwellers

ICT for Women & Girls

Women and Girls lag behind the ICT landscape and as a result lag behind in personal and national development. We empower Women and Girls through ICT to be able to contribute meaningfully towards society and family.

ICT for Persons with Disability (ICT4PWDs)

It is evident that the worlds poorest people are largely people with Disability (PWDs). Due to this fact, people with disability dont realised theri full potential in life to the fullest. FACT Ghana mission is to empower PWDs in a special tailored made programmes to be able to do what others can do for a more meaningful and purposeful lifestyle.

ICT for Church Development

The church need ICT to promote the gosple of Christ hence ou rICT for Church Development Projects towards elevating the gospel through ICT. We build capacities of especially the congregation as well as pastors and chuch leaders in ICT for development.

E-Resources and InfoLit

E-lectronic resources for libraries, schools and business with a blend of Information Literacy for people to do much more.
FACT Ghana provides access to a huge range of electronic resources (e-resources) to support you in your work. Our e-Resources provide organisations and individuals with authoritative, accurate, current, objective reference material not readily available through any search engine like Google.Information is vital but how to get the accurate information need special skills to do. Our information literacy training aimed at empowering everyone to be able to appreciate information needs and be able to access information rignhly using best techniques to generate best results.

New Media & Social Impact

New Media and social impact has become the order of the day and as such must be applied appropriately by mastering the techniques and tricks that makes it useful and power tool for daily life. Media technologies have made great impact on how we communicate personally and professionally.  Technological convergence has accelerated the speed of media technologies.  It is important that we understand the different new media technologies that are available today.  This is because virtually our lives and our global economies have become dependent on new media for social impact.
FACT Ghana through its New Media and Social Impact project empower people to use the technology wisely, productively and healthly to make things work for the good of the general community.